Jethro PMM helps church leaders track people, families, pastoral tasks, groups, attendance, services, rosters and documents via an easy-to-use web interface. It doesn't force you to work a certain way, but gives you lightweight, flexible tools to support your type of ministry.

November 2013: Jethro version 2.6 has been released, with few new features and bugfixes. See the readme file on the download page for details.

Jethro is free and open-source (GPL) and runs on a standard LAMP web server.

The advantage of web-based church management is that church leaders can all access the system no matter where they are working from. However if you really want to run Jethro on a single PC, this can be done using XAMPP

Thanks to the following churches have sponsored or contributed to Jethro development:

Code contributions and sponsorship of further development are always welcome, as are questions and feedback. Contact the lead developer Tom Barrett.